Automation and industrial electrical systems in Brescia

Vision e Mission


If the Vision is the “dream” that defines the purpose for which the company exists, it could be said that ADB IMPIANTI tends to look towards the future with the aim of creating innovative solutions with high technological content that anticipate the needs of the market and redefine industry standards.

It is in fact towards the future that ADB IMPIANTI directs its investments, orienting its partnership strategies with a view to shared development, dictated by a passion and a working philosophy transmitted to date.


ADB IMPIANTI is an example of a company strongly oriented towards continuous technical innovation and company training, which takes the form of the creation of cutting-edge systems through the complete cycle that goes from study and design to installation, to offer its expertise and collaboration to You who are looking for a reliable and flexible partner.

Challenging and achievable objective, which counts on a continuous assistance service, telematic, telephone and physical by the technicians of ADB IMPIANTI.