Automation and industrial electrical systems in Brescia

Consultancy and Projects


ADB IMPIANTI design and manufacture electrical panels in compliance with the standards (CE, UL/CSA, ATEX) tailored to the customer.

Once the customer’s needs have been analysed, ADB IMPIANTI studies the design methods, of any type in any field, with the aim of achieving maximum performance and giving a result that is not only satisfactory, but also extremely effective.

ADB IMPIANTI works only with high quality materials and uses the most modern technologies.

We offer competence and professionalism in order to dimension the electrical system in the best way, designing the systems in a flexible way, considering the system in its possibility of future developments, preparing energy margins to cope with expansions and power increases over the years.

Types of plants:

  • Low and medium voltage plants
  • Distribution boards
  • Automation panels
  • Plants for places with a higher risk of fire and explosion
Progettazione di impianti elettrici industriali ADB Impianti

Services to satisfy the most varied application needs

From design to post production consultancy, ADB Impianti boasts a consolidated experience in providing key solutions
in the hands of automation and industrial electrical systems.

Consultancy and projects

Switchboard assembly

Wiring on the machine

Software development

Testing and commissioning

Modernization and Revamping