Automation and industrial electrical systems in Brescia

Switchboard assembly


ADB IMPIANTI, accurate assembly of electrical panels for industrial automation.

Thanks to the use of current and high-performance machines and the experience of the staff in the workshop, the assembly of the electrical cabinets is carried out in maximum safety, ensuring quality work and full functionality of the product.

The electrical panels, designed and assembled by ADB IMPIANTI are adaptable to the customer’s needs in terms of operation, size and power. In addition, the activity carried out allows the company to deal with stimulating situations every day and to be always updated on the regulations in force: ADB IMPIANTI designs and manufactures electrical panels certified (CE, UL/CSA) accompanied by diagrams and electrical layout and fully compliant with the standards required for free circulation in North America and Canada.

Compliance with the regulations is also the basis of the advice that ADB IMPIANTI is able to provide to its customers.

Assemblaggio Quadristica ADB Impianti

Services to satisfy the most varied application needs

From design to post production consultancy, ADB Impianti boasts a consolidated experience in providing key solutions
in the hands of automation and industrial electrical systems.

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Switchboard assembly

Wiring on the machine

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