Automation and industrial electrical systems in Brescia

Testing and commissioning


ADB IMPIANTI, a meticulous test for every project carried out.

For each electrical panel and for each system on board the machine made, the ADB IMPIANTI staff dedicates all the time necessary for a test to ensure maximum durability and functionality, a keen eye and the use of sophisticated instruments allows to verify the insulation, grounding and all the checks and controls necessary to comply with the law.

The installation of all components on the machine is carried out according to established criteria and attention to detail. ADB IMPIANTI operates in full compliance with the regulations in force, and upon completion of the work provides the customer with regular certification of the system.

Collaudo macchinari ADB Impianti

Services to satisfy the most varied application needs

From design to post production consultancy, ADB Impianti boasts a consolidated experience in providing key solutions
in the hands of automation and industrial electrical systems.

Consultancy and projects

Switchboard assembly

Wiring on the machine

Software development

Testing and commissioning

Modernization and Revamping