Automation and industrial electrical systems in Brescia

Modernization and Revamping


After a careful analysis of the machine or the plant, ADB IMPIANTI is able to provide the customer with the appropriate solution whether to proceed with the modernization and the compliance, or to proceed with a revamping.

Revamping includes a whole series of operations to extend the productive life of a machine. In the case of machines that are still robust, but no longer able to meet specifications, it is therefore more convenient to proceed with the revamping, and add new technologies or functionality to an old system, extending its useful life, rather than buying a new model.

Once all the revamping operations have been completed, it will be delivered to the customer as if it were a new, tested and certified product.

Revamping impianto industriale
Increased implant productivity
Same system, but more modern
tailor-made service al 100% for each customer
More savings e less unexpected

The advantages of Revamping

An efficient and modern machine is the key to increasing the efficiency, flexibility and energy savings of each production line.

Through the revamping of industrial plants, the old electrical and electronic parts of industrial machinery are replaced with modern and more performing components. Furthermore, revamping is a much cheaper alternative than a new project, with the advantage of being able to maintain the same quality product with the same machinery and the same processes as always.

Services to satisfy the most varied application needs

From design to post production consultancy, ADB Impianti boasts a consolidated experience in providing key solutions
in the hands of automation and industrial electrical systems.

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Modernization and Revamping